Unfortunately, our electrical ecosystem is not perfect. It is constantly attacked by high voltages, fault currents, surges, short circuits & lightning all of which can turn deadly. So, any structure which has electricity running through it needs earthing for the protection of property and life.

What are the factors that determine the life of an earthing system?

Since the earthing system works underground, lot of environmental factors come into play to decide the life of the earthing system. They include

  • Soil conditions
  • Moisture content
  • Climate changes
  • Soil resistivity
  • Types of soil (Normal, sandy, semi rocky, rocky etc.)
  • Acidity levels of the soil
  • Basic maintenance schedule

Apart from the above, it is very crucial that the installation of the earthing system is done as per specifications; non adherence will not only drastically reduce service life of the system but also hinder earth resistance results.

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