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  • While established engineering practices support the need for P.M.(Preventive Maintanance), We recognized the need for an in-depth analysis that bottom-line driven organizations could use to help to shape their P.M. Policies and Practices. More…

  • "HIGH-AVAILABILITY" Power Systems requires four elements: RELIABILITY, FUNCTIONALITY and MAINTANABILITY AND FAULT TOLERANCE. The Computing Industry talks in terms of "NINES" of availability. This refers to the percentage of time in a year that their system is: AVAILABLE, ON-LINE and CAPABLE of doing PRODUCTIVE work. A System with Four "NINES" is (99.99% available), meaning that downtime is less than 53 minutes per year. Five "NINES" (99.999% available) equates to less than 5.4 minutes of downtime per year. Six 'NINES" (99.9999% available) equates to just 32 Seconds of downtime per year

  • Many Engineers and users have feel that once a Power Protection Device like UPS or Power Conditioner (Stabilizer) does get installed all power irregularities will be solved with this miss-conceptions, most people tend to ignore basic issues like EARTHING-GROUNDING SYSTEM, WIRING Destination and BONDING of the systems.

  • We take this concept on step further and speak of availability of "CONDITIONED POWER". We encourage our customers to configure their system to minimize or completely eliminate exposure to unconditioned utility power.


  • We understand that it is critical to ensure all equipment is properly installed and performing as designed. Whether you are commissioning new equipment or inspecting and re-commissioning installed equipment, our thorough, experienced approach will give you the peace of mind of knowing your site is operating as safely and effectively as possible.


  • A regular preventive maintenance program from Shree Vasudha Gel Earthing ensures maximum reliability of your valuable equipments by providing systematic inspections, detection, and correction of incipient failures — either before they occur or before they develop into major defects that could translate into costly downtime.


  • A grounding system is one of the most important, but most neglected, segments of a plant's electrical power system. The grounding system safeguards your people AND Valuables from electric shock- hazards and helps prevent equipment damage.

  • Shree Vasudha Gel Earthing Team can help you to make sure that your grounding system is properly installed and periodically tested to make sure it’s working properly on an ongoing basis. From startup to continuing preventive maintenance, our services can ensure effective performance of your grounding system, protecting your people and equipment.