• We have developed our unique back-fill-compound. Our unique back-fill-compound is a combination of natural earth minerals, which having the hygroscopic property, to retain the moisture for a long time. During Installation with proper water pouring, our B.F.C. powder convert into the “Gel” & its quality to retain the moisture upto twenty times its dry volume as well as it create a gel layer surrounding of our electrode.
  • To achieve quality and cost-effective solution, we are having Vasudha, Vasudha Plus and Vasudha Extra Plusthree different types of B.F.C.
  • Our B.F.C. is a combination of corrosion free and highly conductive minerals
  • Having all the properties which an ideal BFC should require. It helps to reducing soil resistivity and retain moisture and works efficiently to dissipate the fault current.
  • Moisture is major factor in all earthing system, Shree Vasudha Extra Plus BFC provides enough moisture and maintains for long time. When our Extra Plus Back fill compound mixed with water, it convert in to semi permeable conductive gel foam around the electrode. Specifically developed for relatively dry conditions.
  • 12.5 kgs Bag Recommendation : 25 kgs BFC for 2 meter electrodes and 50 kgs. BFC for 3 meter electrodes


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It contains all the properties that an ideal BFC should have constituting natural elements, it

reduces soil resistivity, helps retain moisture and is an efficient agent to help in the dissipation

of fault current. It is hygroscopic in nature and swells when it comes in contact with water

thereby engaging constant contact between the electrode surface and soil which is crucial in the

performance of an Earthing system. Best for normal soil conditions.

In the Earthing system moisture plays a very important role because the dissipation of fault

current depends significantly on the capillary and electro-osmotic action of soil.

It is exclusively developed for relatively dry conditions, Shree Vasudha Plus BFC captures

moisture from the surrounding environment and retains it for long periods of time. It is very low

electrical resistivity characteristic which gives minimal resistance to the dissipation of current.

When mixed with water, it forms a semi permeable conductive gel around the electrode and is

far less susceptible to shrinkage.

The electrical conductivity is one factor which decides how fast the fault current gets dissipated

into the soil. The soil resistivity is a key factor that works against the dissipation of current.

Shree Vasudha Extra Plus has been designed to function in soil environments where electrical

conductivity is low. It helps to improve the conductivity of the soil to aid in faster current

dissipation while at the same time having hygroscopic and anti corrosive properties