Installation Method

  • Augur / Drill / Bore a hole of 8 - 10 Inch in diameter at a place where earthing is to be done, to a suitable depth of 2 meters (Electrode Length)

  • Place the Earthing Electrode inside the pit

  • Mix the back fill compound nicely with the soil, which has been dug out.

  • Re-Fill the empty space around the Earthing Electrode with this compound mix soil.

  • While re-filling the space, pour adequate water in the PIT intermittently.

  • Pack the soil around the Electrode tightly and nicely.

  • Again pour adequate water at least 3 - 4 feet around the Earthing Electrode.

  • Test the earth resistivity of the Electrode and if the result is satisfactory, then connect it with the equipments.

  • If the result is not satisfactory, then allow the Electrode some time(2/3 Weeks) for setting of the soil and then check it & connect it

  • If the soil is of high resistivity i.e. Semi rocky or rocky soil, use back- fill compound only for refilling the PIT.

easy installations



(1) Do not drop the Earthing Electrode.

(2) Do not subject it to any kind of driving force.

(3) Do not hammer it while installing the Electrode.

(4) Do not use it other than the purpose of Earthing.




(5) Remove the thin plastic cover before installing the electrode.

(6) Always, place the Electrode keeping the connecting terminal on top.

(7) Apply petroleum jelly over the exposed part (Terminal) of the Electrodes to safe guard it against the corrosion.


19 39 60
2000MM 3000MM 2000MM 3000MM 2000MM 3000MM
314000Sqmm 471000Sqmm 502400Sqmm 753600Sqmm 395640Sqmm 593640Sqmm

19 Model -We Recommended This For LT Application

39 Model -We Recommended This For HT Application As Well As Lighting Arrester Application

50 Model -No-Where Only Copper Earthing Required